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The Quest

The Imhumvamps – volume 1

February 2014

ISBN : 978-2-930756-035 – Prix : 17 € – 15 £ – 23 $

 Pages: 270

Vampires as you’ve never read them!

Have you ever thought that some legends might be true?
Lilly Connolly thinks so, and that’s what leads this young woman to pursue this fanciful quest: to find a vampire who can heal her wounds.
In this story, she will encounter along her way, many pitfalls and multiple disappointments. Since after all, if they really do exist, why should they even agree to help her?

More than just a story of vampires and humans, this novel touches a sensitive issue: What would we be willing to do to save our life?

My perception of things had now changed, my plan was completely crazy and dangerous. Why hadn’t I felt it before? I’d lived through the most terrible night of my existence. I’d never been so frightened. But this new development: I’d provoked it myself and I now knew I could never physically go through it again. I was exhausted, emptied. And yet, he’d hardly touched me.

My life was too important to put at risk. I was just a fool in search of a better life, but I’d have to be content with what I had.

Is Lilly going to give up her project, or will her desire to live another existence be stronger?

The quest face cover sept 15 - final


   Shadow Play

September 2015

ISBN: 978-2-9601524-8-7 – Prix : 10€ – 7 £ – 10 $

 Pages: 96

Would you be willing to follow the voice rising up from the basement?

Louie had a beautiful destiny all mapped out.
But that wasn’t counting on this truck driving along so fast… one Sunday on the E411 highway!
On his Harley, he thought himself invincible, but he was actually just invisible…

Between his rehabilitation sessions and his appointments with the psychologist, he explores the basements of the institute and discovers a blue door there.
What will happen here when the door closes behind him?

Allow yourself to be carried away by this original and devilish novel.

cover face


The Recouvrance

The Imhumvamps – volume 2

February 2016

ISBN : 978-2-930895-01-7 – Prix : 17 € – 15 £ – 23 $

 Pages: 242

Things are not always what one believes!

After several months spent among the humans, Lilly encounters her first big problem.

Taking the train is an easy thing for common mortals, but for a young vampire, imagine the complexity when events escalate and become uncontrollable.

Although they don’t get together as often as she would wish, the young woman calls Darren again, who saves her from the awful situation in which she finds herself.

He then decides to keep her beside him, because without his intervention, who knows what disastrous consequences could have ensued from this trip to the south of France.

Thus begins a journey that will lead them to « The Recouvrance » of Lilly. A poetic and powerful word, which explains not only the young woman’s malaise, but also many other things that nobody expected… not even Darren…

How will they manage this new condition?

Recouvrance 2016 a5 cover


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