Dialogue between the heart and the soul 1

 “Why are you talking to me?” asks the soul.
 “I have no one else to talk to,” replies the heart simply.
 “We are in the same body, this will not lead us very far.”
 “I believed that you were here to think.”
 “Yes, it’s one of my duties. Which thought would you like to hear?”
 “I’m questioning myself, lots of questions.”
 “If you’re asking questions, it’s because I’ve sent them to you.”
 “Do you mean that I can’t question myself alone?”
 “Let’s say that we are bound together.”
 “So we can, between us both, find the answers.”
 “Maybe … let me think a moment.”


The heart was silent.


 “Are you there?” asks the heart, soon afterwards.
 “It’s difficult for me to be elsewhere.”
 “So you’re willing to help me find answers.”


Soul sighed.


 “If you insist …”
 “I seem to annoy you,” says the heart, a little sadly.
 “No, it’s just that it seems a waste of time.”
 “We have time.”
 “Maybe. What’s your first question?”
 “A friend told me to open my heart to the world.”
 “What friend?”
 “A friend we have in common, outside of our body.”
 “Oh yes! I remember.”
 “He said to open your heart to allow love a chance to enter.”
 “Do you still believe in love?”
 “It’s one of my duties!” exclaimed the heart.


The soul sighed again.


 “I think somewhere there is someone who will love me as I deserve and to whom I shall give my love.”
 “That’s not a question, but rather a statement.”
 “Yes, I’m getting there. Do you think I should continue to hope?”
 “Heart, I’ll tell you one thing. When you beat more quickly, when you rebound in our chest, you send me rays of happiness and yes, I admit I miss that.”

The soul paused. Without saying it out loud, the soul finds the questions from the heart very interesting. Then he continued:


 “But to throw yourself into losing your heart in a story just to convince yourself that you love; well I don’t agree with that. I’d prefer to answer more of your questions.”
 “But have I not become too « cautious »?”
 “I don’t know. If when you are open to others nothing makes you jump, maybe you aren’t among the right people.”
 “Am I ill?”
 “Nothing suggests that to me.”
 “Am I blasé?”
 “Only you can answer that. What do you feel?”
 “Nothing, apart from a huge emptiness.”
 “What are you searching for?”
 “Love, true love. It’s complicated,” announced the heart.
 “That may be the problem. Have you tried to lower your criteria?”
 “Why should I do that?”
 “To make you feel less lonely?”
 “I thought it was better to be alone than in bad company.”
 “That’s right, but you can make small concessions.”
 “I did that the last time, and it just brought me sorrow. Since it was just me who made ​​concessions?”
 “When was this?”
 “In March, you remember.”
 “Oh yes, him. A mistake. I confirm that for once you had well-lowered your criteria. You know, my heart; I believe that you have to let things come to you.”
 “And if this doesn’t occur?”
 “Why shouldn’t it ever happen? I’m open,” says the soul. “And if I am, you can only follow.”
 “It’s as simple as that.”
 “I think so.”
 “So will you give me another chance?”
 “I’ll give you time,” announced the soul.


The heart, in turn, was silent and continued to listen to the soul.


 “Go and look … Listen and learn … Love and feel …”
 “This seems to me to be a lot.”
 “Make me happy, heart; I’m not asking you for anything greater.”
 “And if I can’t find it?”
 “Then, we’ll talk again.”



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