Launch of the 2016 Book fair season

Here we are almost there! The Brussels Book Fair (February 18 to 22) opens to the public Thursday morning at 10 am and in addition the entrance is free this year. So what can we expect? A crowd of people enthusiasts and curious came to meet us 🙂

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Come on, come see me, then buy a book or two or simply to say hello. Whatever you decide, you will always be welcome. Do not be afraid of the crowd or the lately events, not to forget them of course but just to live. Because remember one thing, that ‘risk’, we also take it to share our passion with you 🙂

After Brussels which ends Monday night, I go to Paris Porte Champerret, for the ‘Fantastic Book fair’ (26 to 28 February). This will be, my first edition in the Capital, therefore a great opportunity to meet new readers and also see familiar faces 🙂

Then, to stay on the wave, ‘Made in Asia’ (11 to 13 March) in Brussels again. This also will be new to me. I will not be dressing, just myself, but I think I will be a festival of color and characters of all kinds straight out of manga and other fictions.

I will not list all next shows after those three, but know that I will not stop and the following weekends will be equally filled!

So I tell you one thing: see you soon … very soon 🙂



© Sylvie Ginestet
Author of the trilogy ‘The Imhumvamps’ : V1’The Quest’ – V2 ‘The Recouvrance’ – ‘Shadow Play’ (Dark fantasy novella)
Ebooks and paperbooks available on
Or for a paperbook copy you can also send me an email at: to get them signed !

My first pleasure is to write…
The second one is that you read my work and that you get as much pleasure as I do… Then we could say that it’s a victory!

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