IPPY Awards 2016 – I give it a try!

Sometimes I tell myself that we must push things, and to get more visibility, well we have to do this. This is why ‘Shadow Play’ just crossed the ocean and landed in Traverse City, in Michigan. ‘5080’ people entered the contest before me. I put the book into two categories: ‘short story fiction’ and ‘Ebook’.

IPPY Awards 2016 – Book Title: Shadow Play – Author: Sylvie Ginestet

Categories: 07. Short Story Fiction – Ebook: 03. Best Mystery/Thriller E-Book

Even if nothing happens, at least I tried. If you don’t do something then there is no chance you will achieve something.


So now, what is the IPPY Awards? Conducted annually, the Independent Publisher Book Awards honor the year’s best independently published titles from around the world. The awards are intended to bring increased recognition to the thousands of exemplary independent, university, and self-published titles published each year.

Who enters the IPPY Awards? All independent publishers are eligible, ranging from self-published authors to major university presses. About 2,400 publishers participate in the Awards each year, from every U.S. state, Canada, and English-speaking countries overseas around the world. The 2015 IPPY Awards attracted 5,700 total entries; winners came from 45 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia, six Canadian provinces, and ten countries overseas.

Have a nice day and let’s cross fingers!

Winners will be annouced by mid April.



© Sylvie Ginestet
Author of the trilogy ‘The Imhumvamps’ : V1’The Quest’ – V2 ‘The Recouvrance’ – ‘Shadow Play’ (Dark fantasy novella)
Ebooks available on Amazon.com
For a paperbook copy, send me an email at: sylviesgginestet@live.fr

My first pleasure is to write…
The second one is that you read my work and that you get as much pleasure as I do… Then we could say that it’s a victory!


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