The Passion of writing

When I share this passion which is writing, when I share my words; I give a lot, I give you a lot. I’m not talking about time, but about my heart, my energy… From me. This part of me which craves to shout out to the world: Read me. Because the first purpose of writing a novel, it’s the sharing. The sharing of a story, of its characters, of their adventures and lives. They live inside us and are truly real. We love them, they belong to us 🙂

Our books are our babies; don’t you love your babies? Wouldn’t you like us to love your babies as you love them?

Even for a fantasy novel (that’s to say with things being supposedly unreal), the readers identify themselves either with the story or one of the characters. For the author, if he wants his story to become alive, if he wants to carry readers into another dimension, in this case he must put all of his heart into giving the characters breath, and bringing the place described alive. When I’m reading a book, I imagine everything. I literally immerse myself inside it, I see with the character’s eyes, I’m in the same room. When I’m writing, it’s the same, perhaps worse; and I like to imagine that my readers do the same.

We write because we need to; we have to express our words, our ideas, our feelings. It’s happened before that I’ve had to halt my mind because everything came too quickly, so fast that I made myself dizzy. In this case, there’s only one thing to do; try to stop thinking, sit down, breathe and slow down the flow of it all. Take a break for a few minutes and relax, as somehow it’s a bit too freaky.

Often, I’m asked whether ‘The Quest’ is autobiographical; of course not, of course yes. A part of my life is in there, as I started the book because of an event in my life. This real event which changed my vision of life and of people.

And now, ‘The Quest’ has changed my life. It gave me this urge to go on writing and sharing; because when I see that sparkle in your eyes, I tell myself that I did succeed in taking you to another place. When certain people, who knew me from before, tell me that they’re surprised; I smile. It’s good to surprise people.

In a few days, I’ll hold ‘La Recouvrance’ in my hands; the second volume of the adventures of my somewhat different vampires. ‘The Quest’ was the setting up for the story, now we cut right to the quick of the subject! You know the characters, you know how they’re different, but do you believe you really know all there is? Are you ready to live this Recouvrance?

Vampires as you’ve never read them before !



Author of ‘Le Miracle’
My first pleasure is to write…
The second one is that you read my work and that you get as much pleasure as I do…
Then we could say that it’s a victory!

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