Once upon a night..

It was quite late, and for a very long time the sun had been lying far off over the salt marshes. In the July of 2011, she had decided to spend a few days at her mother’s. To relax far from the Parisian madness, with her first objective being to review, correct and to finalise what she’d already written. She was in the garden with only the light of the moon; the lighting of the terrace was meagre. Her mother came to see her:

  “You should return now…” Then she glanced at the girl’s papers. “You’re going to finish it one day?”

Faced with so much passion the girl raised her eyes towards her mother.

“Yes I’ll just take my time, it’s not as simple as it looks, you know.” She said sweetly in spite of an obvious annoyance with such a question.

She collected the sheets scattered around her as well as her pens and went to her room, kissing her mother in the passage. She switched on the light and settled down quietly in her bed, with her manuscript beside her. One hand on such a treasure, sleep took her to a foreign land.

‘The woman was tall, a brunette, very beautiful. Her delicate features, her fair skin, highlighted her scarlet lips. They faced each other. They did not know each other. The woman stood there. She couldn’t distinguish anything else, only this woman. She took all the space of the universe where details didn’t seem to exist. Slowly, she approached her, smiling. The situation was nevertheless very strange, unknown and yet so familiar. The other woman did not seem frightened. But why would she have owed this being anything? An atmosphere of trust reigned here between these two persons, lucid to the course of events.

She delicately pushed aside the woman’s long hair but it wasn’t a gesture of love. She just needed to clear herself a path. The woman consented; she was giving herself. She swallowed, her lips approaching the skin of the woman. With the other hand, she tilted her head. The woman was agreeing throughout. The smell of the woman invaded her, intoxicating her. She opened her mouth naturally, and licked the woman’s skin; she felt her shiver. Her teeth were now in contact with the skin…The blood flow became much faster as sharply she penetrated her flesh, to let the hot nectar stream in…She closed her eyes, drinking…’

She awoke with a start, looking around her for the woman, but there was only the bedroom, the white walls and the manuscript scattered on the ground. She was sweating. She sat up in her bed trying to assess the situation. She had some difficulties with really knowing what was real or not. She had perfectly felt the penetration of her teeth into the carotid artery of the young brunette. The slight crackle when she passed through the skin, so fine, so intimate. She saw again her long brown hair, and her neck…And this taste filling her mouth as the blood invaded it…

Instinctively she touched her lips with her fingers…Without a word, none…

Then she looked at the moisture which was there. This red and hot humidity. She brought her hand to her mouth to clean the still fresh, uncoagulated blood which had settled there. She was smiling…

No she had not dreamed.

She had just travelled in her universe, materialised in her dream…So real, so tangible, so good…

In the kitchen her mother prepared the coffee. She got up to greet her.

Arriving behind her, she leaned over and placed a kiss on her neck… »Hello Mum » …A strange light in the depths of her eyes…Which only she saw…



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